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Elsydeon + Mark of Blood Melee rape

  • Skills to buy: V B B B F
    • 7 Points into damage, 1 point into HP
  • Uniques: Elsydeon at 5 minutes, Mark of Blood later on when you have spare money.

Having Elysdeon makes it very easy to kill people, as they will have the -7 armor. You should have absolutely no trouble killing anyone in the early-mid game. Late game, you might have trouble, but Sakuya's F makes up for that easily.

Buy other survival items as required, depending on the situation.

The priority for items goes something like this: Survival Item > Mark of Blood = DPS Item

As to which Survival Item to get, of the three best different situations call for different ones. Protection Rune is nice if you cannot dodge the spell with Future Dairy, and Spirit Rune is good for overall HP increase.

Armor items are also important survival items, but they are only effective against DPS heroes, so it might be better to get one of the three above if you aren't facing serious DPS. Get either King Koopa Shell or Monarch, depending on whether you're facing Melee(King Koopa) or Ranged(Monarch).

Combat Tactics

The best way to initiate is to attack from fog, using Sakuya's extreme range to your advantage. This also lets you charge a few Eternal Meek buffs. Try not to idle too much while attacking, move forward between knives so you don't lose the target. Trigger V as soon as you feel its necessary, which should let you get 1-2 more hits on the target. For those unsure, just trigger it as soon as your second hit from fog hits them, or first if they have fast reflexes.

D is useful, but I'd recommend that you not rely on it so much since its unreliable and has a long cooldown. It might be better with the upgraded form, but you should be able to kill without using D too often. Best to use it if you're running away, since it buys you a few seconds of extra time to run away.

When you get Sakuya's World, try to get your teammates to lure the enemy to you while you cast it. This way you get an ideal casting position and get to surprise the enemy, allowing you to easily kill at least one, maybe two, of them. Another nice method is to cast it if you're running away from the enemy after breaking line of sight, so you get to reverse the situation. Make sure you pick the weakest target first! Killing one quickly prevents that one from escaping, allowing you to possibly kill a second one.

Maintaining Mark of Blood buff

This is quite tricky if you don't know how to do it. Maintaining force at level 12 is essential for your survivability, so you should try to maintain it as best as you can. Juggling creeps is one thing, but what if you're running from one place to another and you need to maintain your buff on the way? You should plot your path so it crosses as many creep camps as you can, and kill just one while on your way so you maintain a decent speed while not losing your buff. Try not to waste time with your attacks, move after your killing knife launches.

Try to killsteal. It helps alot in maintaining the buff, which helps you get more kills.

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