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Spellcaster w/ Hisoutensoku item guideEdit

Basic skill allocation: DSTeleDS *SAVE* DSOrbsDS*SAVE*DS and whatever else you want after this.

This gives you two points to buy Hisoutensoku at level 8. If you feel that you can't get enough skill points for hisoutensoku by 10 minute mark, delay levelling a skill until after you have bought hisoutensoku.

Rocket boots are useful for this build, but not necessary. It would probably be better to get items that help you survive more, if you feel that you need it. Boots in general will definitely be required as you will be doing alot of chasing. Kodo Geass is a nice item to get for this build to buff hisoutensoku.

This build allows you to support your allies with stuns, letting them get the kill while you hold the opponent in place. Very, very useful with a DPS hero on your team.

Combat GuideEdit

Try to approach the enemy from fog. Use kick, then summon hisoutensoku and immediately use Demon Sealing Circle. In early-game, this should be a pretty easy kill, even easier if the opponent doesn't have protection rune or rune of warding. If the opponent is still not dead, use Fantasy Orb.

If he is still not dead, its time to chase after him wildly with hisoutensoku while you hope that his pathfinding fails somehow. Or run if you feel you're outmatched.

Melee guideEdit

Basic skill allocation: HakureiAmulet x3Orbs

Version 1: Damage-based

Get PM or mystrel and put points into damage. Make sure you max out B because it's always useful no matter what build you're going. Get F so you can siege. Get usual melee item build for ranged heroes: Advance archery gloves .handle & Celestial boots.AMP is a must. If you want you can get Elsydeon or Death mask. Put points into damage with 1 and have fun perma stunning people.

This build allows you to assist your allies with perma stun, siege and carry 1 on 1. Don't be stupid. REMEMBER TO GET AMP.

Version 2: Hybrid:

Get any attack speed item and upgrade D then put points into whatever you see fit be it spells or HP. I suggest you don't level up her X as this build is based on being able to disable 3 people at once IE: B 1 person, Use a well timed V or C on another and permastun the 3rd. Best that you get items that'll help your survability with this build.

Build allows you to be not useless after casting all your spells.

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