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Kaguya Houraisan

Eternal Moon Princess

Starting Health 375
Starting HP Regen ?
Starting Mana 340
Starting MP Regen ?
Speed 290
Sight Range 1200 / 800
Damage & Armor
Base Damage 24-27
Attack Speed 2.65
Attack Range 430
Base Armor 1


MiniStrength.gif STR per level 15 + 1.75
MiniAgility.gif AGI per level 15 + 2
MiniIntelligence.gif INT per level 20 + 2.25

Background Info[]

see Touhou Wikia: Kaguya Houraisan

Kaguya was once a princess of the Lunarians, a race of people living on the Moon. She was exiled to Earth over a thousand years ago for the crime of using the forbidden Hourai Elixir to make herself immortal. Arriving on Earth one day, she was found by a bamboo cutter and dwelt among the humans she had once despised. Though the Lunarians looked upon humans with contempt, Kaguya came to love her new home. Tales of her unearthly beauty led men from all across the land to seek her hand in marriage, Fujiwara no Mokou's father being one of them, but none could successfully complete her trial of the Five Impossible Requests.

The first was to bring her the stone begging bowl of the Buddha from India. The second was to retrieve a jewelled branch from the island of Mount Hourai. The third was to seek the legendary robe of the fire-rat of China. The fourth was to retrieve a colored jewel from a dragon's neck. The final task was to find the legendary Cowry treasure of the swallows. These potent treasures were eventually revealed to already be in Kaguya's possession in the final stage of Imperishable Night.

After years of exile, powerful emissaries arrived from the Moon; Kaguya had been forgiven of her crime and it had been decided that she should return. Kaguya, however, had grown to love life on Earth and had no desire to return to the lunar capital permanently. Enlisting the help of her friend Eirin, Kaguya escaped from the emissaries and fled to Gensokyo. Taking refuge in an ancient manor called Eientei hidden deep within a secluded bamboo forest, the two Lunarians began a new exile. After several centuries of isolation, she was eventually reunited with Mokou, who had also used the Hourai Elixir to become immortal, and the two continued their feud, murdering each other on a nearly daily basis.

During the events of Imperishable Night, Kaguya had been hidden in a secret pathway along with the true moon by Eirin to ensure any Lunarians sent to recover Reisen would not discover her. The heroines of Imperishable Night, however, did discover her, and challenged her to return the full moon to Gensokyo. After being defeated, Kaguya unleashed her powers of eternity in an all-out bid to break the spell of the imperishable night cast by the heroines. Finally she relented and the true moon was recovered.

She now spends her days living in Eientei in a carefree manner, sometimes holding exhibitions of Lunarian treasures there for the rest of Gensokyo to admire. Her long isolation has made her lonely, and she enjoys telling stories to any guests she might receive.


Tasukete, Eirin![]

  • Mana Cost: 225
    • Description: Kaguya calls Eirin to protect her from any damage for 2.5sec. Cooldown 80sec.
    • Upgrade: 55sec cooldown, Mana cost 125


Impossible Request "Dragon's Necklace -5 Colored Shots-"[]


  • Hotkey: X
  • Mana Cost: 85/105/125/145/285
  • Type: Active, Non Targeted
  • Range: 400
  • Target: Allies, Enemy, Organic, Self
  • Cooldown: 16 seconds
  • Cast Time: 0 seconds
  • Mastery Bonus: Will also restore nearby friendly units mana and damage enemies. Increase mana cost.
    • Kaguya uses the Luminous Dragon Beads to heal nearby friendly units.
      • Lv 1: Restore 60 Health to Allies.
      • Lv 2: Restore 120 Health to Allies.
      • Lv 3: Restore 180 Health to Allies.
      • Lv 4: Restore 240 Health to Allies.
      • Lv 5: Restore 300 Health and 150 Mana to Allies and Deals 240 Damage to Foes.

Impossible Request "Buddha's Stone Bowl -Indomitable Will-"[]


  • Hotkey: C
  • Mana Cost: 120/145/170/195/220
  • Type: Active, Targeted
  • Range: 800
  • Target: Self, Allies, Organic
  • Cooldown: 15.5 seconds
  • Cast Time: 0 sec
  • Mastery Bonus: Grants Armor+10 and Magic Resistance+20%
    • Kaguya uses The Buddha Unbreakable Stone Bowl on the target. The target will not be able to be damaged beyond the limit but any damage above the limit may kill it. Health will not be restored to the starting amount when this spell ends. Cannot be casted on target will full health. Last for 4 seconds.
      • Lv 1: Set the target health to 200.
      • Lv 2: Set the target health to 275.
      • Lv 3: Set the target health to 350.
      • Lv 4: Set the target health to 425.
      • Lv 5: Set the target health to 500.

Divine Treasure "Salamander Shield"[]


  • Hotkey: V
  • Mana Cost: 65/80/95/110/125
  • Type: Active, Targeted
  • Range: 525, 275 AoE
  • Target: Self, Allies, Organic
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds.
  • Cast Time: 0 seconds
  • Mastery Bonus: Damage bonus.
    • Applies the robe of the fire rat into the target. The robe burns everything in small area while granting bonus armor.
      • Lv 1: Increases the wearer armor by 4 and burns nearby enemies for 4 damage every 0.25 seconds
      • Lv 2: Increases the wearer armor by 8 and burns nearby enemies for 8 damage every 0.25 seconds
      • Lv 3: Increases the wearer armor by 12 and burns nearby enemies for 12 damage every 0.25 seconds
      • Lv 4: Increases the wearer armor by 16 and burns nearby enemies for 16 damage every 0.25 seconds
      • Lv 5: Increases the wearer armor by 20 and burns nearby enemies for 25 damage every 0.25 seconds

New Impossible Request "Red Stone of Aja"[]


  • Hotkey: B
  • Mana Cost: Passive
  • Type: Passive
  • Range: ???
  • Target: Self
  • Cooldown: 0 seconds
  • Cast Time: 0 seconds
  • BGM: N/A
  • Mastery Bonus: Increase HP regen+6, MP regen+3, Move Speed+25 and Attack Speed+33%
    • The Red Stone of Aja emits mysterious aura that strengthens Kaguya.
      • Lv 1: Increases All Stats by 7.
      • Lv 2: Increases All Stats by 14.
      • Lv 3: Increases All Stats by 21.

Return of Imperishable Night[]


  • Hotkey: F
  • Mana Cost: 325
  • Type: Active, Targeted
  • Range: 700
  • Target: Allies, Hero, Not Self
  • Cooldown: 215
  • Cast Time: 1.75 second
  • BGM: Bamboo Forest ~ Lunatic Princess
    • Kaguya use her ability to manipulate eternity and temporality on the target. Cannot be casted on Kaguya herself. Cannot be casted on target with full health.
      • Effect: Reset every spell card in cooldown of the target.

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