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SP(Skill Point) System and Selectional Growth of Stats[]

While most Warcraft 3 maps limit skill points to be used for leveling a hero's skills, in Touhou Daydream Breaker, you may use Skill Points to upgrade your hero or purchase special items (in addition to some gold). The list of upgrades are avaliable below and a list of all items requiring skill points to purchase is avaliable at Item List.

Upgrade Menu[]

SP Upgrade

This menu may be accessed by typing "1" in-game.

All upgrades require 1 skill point and may be purchased up to 7 times. A special bonus is granted for purchasing the 7th and final level of any upgrade. You may only upgrade your hero's innate ability once. Certain heros cannont upgrade their basic ability.

Note that Grimoire may be purchased any number of times and has no bonus for mastery. Note that the Prismriver Sisters do not benifit fully from certain upgrades.

You may also use 225 gold to Teleport back to base, using this menu. This does not cost a skill point.


  • Increase damage by 10 for Ranged Heros.
  • Increases damage by 12 for Melee Heros.
  • Increases damage by 8 for the Prismriver Sisters.

[Mastery] Add 15 spell damage each hit

Left-Handed Folding Fan[]

  • Increases attack speed by 40%.

[Mastery] Increase allied creep attack speed by 30%

Dragon Star[]

  • Increases Maximum Hit Points by 200.
  • Increases Maximum Hit Points by 175 only for the Prismriver Sisters.

[Mastery] Adds 150 additional health.

Magic Potion[]

  • Increases Maximum Mana by 80 and Mana Regen by 3.
  • Increase Flandre Scarlet's Max Insanity by 8 and gives additional 4 Insanity per 20 seconds. Max Insanity is given by: (6*HeroLevel)+(8*MagicPotionLevel)+7

[Mastery] Increases all stats by 10. Global mana regen by 1% and chance to reset cooldown of every spell once every 200-300 seconds.

Three Heavenly Drop[]

  • Increases Hero Hit Point Regeneration by 4.

[Mastery] Adds 10 additional Hit Point Regeneration.


  • Decreases ressurection time by 4%.

[Mastery] Further reduces ressurection time by 20 seconds.

Sacrifical Doll[]

  • Increases hero's armor by 5 and reduces incoming damage by 3%.

[Mastery] Further reduces incoming damage by 10%.

Tengu Fan[]

  • Increases a ranged hero's movement speed by 30.
  • Increases a melee hero's movement speed by 35.
  • Increases the Prismriver Sister's movement speed by 25.

[Mastery] Increase allied creep movement speed by 65.

Strengthen Hero Basic Ability[]

  • Upgrades a hero's innate ability.
  • Costs an additional 500 gold.

May only be upgraded once and certain hero's innate abilities may not be upgraded.


  • Increases Strength, Agility or Intelligence by 12~16
  • Has 1% chance to increases all stats by 12~16 instead.

Return hero to base[]

  • Returns hero to the base after 5 seconds.
  • Costs 225 gold.
  • Hero is uncontrollable and can be attacked while teleporting back.

Unique Items[]

At 5 minute and 10 minute marks, you can purchase items from the shops that require 1 SP or 2 SP, respectively.These shops are located at the top right hand corner and the bottom left hand corner of the map.

These items are unique and cost 650 gold each, in addition to the skill point cost.

If you attempt to purchase one of these items without the appropriate amount of skill points, the item will disappear and you will lose the 650 gold that you used to purchase the item with.

A list of unique items is avaliable here: Factory of Kappa (bottom left hand corner), Ba'al Magic Library (top right hand corner)

Scaling Creeps[]

Compared to other games, lane creeps are significantly stronger.

Creeps gain 1 damage every 3 kills your team has and are 10% stronger (overall) when a Barracks has been destroyed.

You may also upgrade Creeps at your base for gold. This gold is sent to the team by typing "-invest <value>" where <value> refers to the amount of money you wish to give to your team. Typing "-check" tells you the amount of gold your team currently has.

You can also hire Captains, Witch Doctors and Sappers to complement the lane creeps.

When all six Barracks are destroyed, lane creeps will be thrice as strong.


This game features Weather System from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody(th10.5). Weather effect changes every 5 minutes and affects all units, heros and creeps alike.

  1. Sunny - MP regen -2, HP regen+3
  2. Cloudy - Recovers 10% of MAX MP when using any spell or item
  3. Azure Sky - Move speed and Attack speed +25%
  4. Snow - HP regen -3, MP regen+2
  5. Tempest - Normal attack damage -40%
  6. Typhoon - Floats random 2 units in the map every 3 seconds
  7. Hail - Loses 7% of current MP when being attacked
  8. Twilight - EXP gain +25%, gold gain +30%
  9. Diamond Dust - Ressurection time +25%

Background Music[]

A sound pack needs to be installed to be able to hear most of the music used in the map. The music is seperate from the map itself as it takes up a lot of space, and if included in the map, will cause it to exceed the space limit that Blizzard has stipulated for Warcraft 3 maps.

Certain spells cause background music to be played for all players. For example, when Sakuya uses her Last Word, Luna Dial ~ Lunar Clock (one of her themes) plays.

You can always download the latest soundpack at NFF forum.

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